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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rich, Awe-Inspiring Korea

Koreans owe their thanks to the world for introducing democracy and free will. For giving itself energy and vitality to fully expose their True Korean beliefs to the world. From Samsung to LG, the effects of Korea can be felt everywhere. But, there has yet to be an untapped source in a part of Korea that is left. This untapped spirit is left in the hands of a dictator who opposed the True Korean will, the provisional government who Syngmann Rhee has lead for some time before leading the Korean government in Seoul, and the symbols that united all Koreans against the Japanese, including the Taegukgi. Let us show you the passion of the democratic, True Korea lead by the only government, located in Seoul.

This vitality is still held deep within the 23 million Koreans located in the North. Let one day that these oppressed Koreans come free!

Monday, April 09, 2007

the best, true revolutions are the ones when its people freely back it

Sorry we've been away. Visiting democratic countries in Europe could never be more entertaining and exciting! There seems to be a problem with logging in. I recommend you go to blogger.com and sign into your old blogger account and upgrading to a google account. For now, enjoy these clips of True Korean culture from YouTube.

Watch closely the North Korean audience in this YouTube clip, obviously they're out of touch with their True Korean senses:

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mini-Update + North vs. South Video Comparison

We've made significant improvements to this blog such as several news feeds from both sides of the issues and layout improvements.

From the MiddleGrounds team, we ask that you not post any news articles in whole, but the first 5 sentences of an article and a link to a respectable news site. The various news sources as seen on the left are one of the many that can be used. Make sure to include comments with these articles.

Moving on, we at MiddleGroundx are continuing to let the readers and visitors decide on the issues. Here are a sample of videos of North Korea and South Korea with no intentions for propaganda use.

North Korea

South Korea

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In Depth: North Korea

We all hear both North Korean propaganda as well as Western. But what is really the truth behind North Korea? This very detailed documentary from BBC takes you deep, deeper than ever, showing lack of electricity to the proof of concentration camps.
Watch closely.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Disturbing Video of North Korea

Its not only disturbing, its disgraceful. Watch this video. Welcome to your true Kim Dynasty. You will see instances of North Korean soldiers and buildings which present portraits of Kim Jung il. The language spoken in this video is hangul(Korean), but the video images are enough to understand.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Korea, which came first?

One of the many unanswered questions regarding Korean history is who betrayed who. Was it the Kim Dynasty who betrayed Korea or was it the Republic of Korea who betrayed Korea?

Let's look deep into the history of Korea. It has believed to have been started in the Lower Paleolithic period, 2.5 million to 125,000 years ago. The earliest known artifacts were pottery dated to 8000 BC. According to various encyclopedias, the land of the early Koreans stretched from the Korean peninsula as we know of today to Manchuria(called Goguryeo, all but Chinese records prove this fact). Throughout Korean history, there has been many Kingdoms who have risen and fallen. In the Joseon, Dynasty, King Sejong organized scientists and others to create what we know of the be the present language system, Hangul. From that point up to the late 19th Century, it had been looked down upon. In 1863, King Gojong took power. He declared the nation to be the Korean Empire in order to defend Korea against Japan, Russia, and China. In creating the Korean nation, he ordered a flag to be made and in March 6, 1883, declared Taegukgi to be the official flag of Korea.

During the 35 years of Japanese occupation of Korea, the Taegukgi was to be used in multiple attempts to demolish Japanese rule. In August 1945, Korea was now free and through that, the Taegukgi stood as the official flag until 1948 when North Korea defaced the Taegukgi and created their own flag.

The Truth is played below(Welcome to your Kim Il Sung, standing and in a portrait next to the one and only, Taegukgi. Twice.):

The Taegukgi will always be Korea's flag and with it, the Korean government located in Seoul will always be on Korea's side. We lost Goguryeo to China. We lost half of the Korean peninsula to the Kim Dynasty. The Koreans are knocking on your door Kims; they want their land back.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Progression of Blog : Ver 2.0

Changes are coming to the MiddleGroundx blog. As you may have noticed, there are significant changes happening. Check back in a week for a new post on the truth of North Korea.

For now, watch this MadTV Youtube video. xD